Remember how I was told that Yes I could have surgery but not yet… over and over… when I finally got a yes, it wasn’t a yes soon, it was fast! SO many miracles went into play! In the car we promptly found a way to finance it removing the blocks that I felt were […]

This year, doTERRA convention was MISERABLE for me. I was having major panic attacks just walking to and from the bathroom. I was in so much pain that tears fell down my cheeks freely, and often.  I had many offers to get me a wheelchair and I refuse because I feel like that is accepting […]

As The Lullaby Connection class ended, I recognized that I still had a LOT to learn from Karyn Grant-Turley. Her Joy Coaching America program (The Healer’s Touch Song and Scent Method) is a POWERFUL program to teach us and others to find JOY. We use all 5 senses, Christ centered music, doTERRA Essential Oils, Imagery, […]

Trying to be patient with doctors, insurance, labs, and tests was getting frustrating for me. Our tax return was coming back in a couple of weeks and I wanted to get my surgery. So I started to ask my Heavenly Father again, and I was told not yet. I was so frustrated because I had […]

I am working out hard, doing my best to get the heaviness and weight off of my body because I HURT all the time. I am miserable and I don’t like where I am at. This 4th day of September in 2017 I was in the pool, working out, having fun feeling the beat as […]

While waiting on the cardiologist appointment, I had another episode. And being as both my husband and I TEACH CPR, this is truly terrifying when it is happening to you and you recognize all of the symptoms. I went to the ER on Saturday the 9th of September and the doctor wanted to keep me […]